WHO Foundation Appoints Anil Soni As Its First CEO

Indian origin health expert Anil Soni is the first CEO of WHO Foundation.

Anil Soni Is WHO Foundation’s First CEO

Anil Soni

The WHO Foundation which was first launched in May 2020 has appointed Anil Soni as its CEO. This foundation is established to collaborate with WHO in combating health issues all across the globe. Although it is an independent foundation it will work and support the World Health Organisation to its best.

The Geneva-based foundation will give platforms to medical research and investments to ensure a healthy world. Along with the announcement of Anil Soni being appointed as the CEO the foundation also launched its new mission.

Anil Soni

And the mission is their first fundraising campaign for global health. The foundation expects to get at least $1 billion as donations by the next three years and the money will be used in different health-related activities like medical research etc.

Anil Soni’s Contribution In The Field Of Medical Development

Soni was acting as the chief of global infectious diseases at Viatris. So far he has contributed immensely at the field of medical development especially in the places where people are deprived of basic health facilities.

He has worked at the grassroots level. Soni aims to expand healthcare facilities in places where people don’t get adequate health facilities. Soni has been working tirelessly in helping the people who are deprived of health care facilities.

Anil Soni

Soni in a statement has revealed about how the ongoing pandemic has brought in havoc in the healthcare systems all across the globe. He said that because of the COVID-19 outbreak people are being denied of other health facilities. He also aims to bring a change in the overall healthcare facilities related to diseases like cancer and HIV Aids.

Thus he aims to look into these matters as the CEO of the WHO Foundation. Therefore the foundation regards him as an ideal choice as the inaugural Chief of the foundation.

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