Monday, August 8, 2022
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Al-Aqsa mosque encounters clash between Palestinians and Israeli police

Al-Aqsa mosque recently encountered a clash between Palestinians and the Israel police. The incident took a devastating chance. Reports says that around 163 palestinians and 6 Israeli police officers got injured.

The incident took place in Al-Aqsa mosque, a holy place. Sources says that Israeli police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades and on the other hand the Palestinians started throwing bottles and stones.

Al-Aqsa mosque

The Red Crescent has opened a field hospital to treat the wounded. It is said that the place Al-Aqsa mosque have encountered many such incidents.

The Israeli Police said that they were bound to use the force because the situation went out of control because of the riots of the worshipers. The mosque official tried to control the situation and asked the police to stop firing at worshipers. Als asked everyone to be calm and quiet.

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