Zendaya made just seven days of shooting in Dune

Fans may have spent years waiting for “Dune,” with its sprawling, hyped, and endless buzz, but that doesn’t mean the film is immune to the most banal and pervasive of movie horrors: programming issues. While “Dune” is a true epic, with a storyline that stretches for a long time and involves an impressive amount of characters, that doesn’t mean that filming can go on forever. Despite the fact that the romance between Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, who play the characters Chani and Paul Atreides respectively, is a huge part of the “Dune” story, it turns out the duo had an incredibly short time to film together and get their chemistry right. intergalactic.

Behind the scenes of the film, Zendaya explains that she was on the set of “Dune” for a scant seven days, doing what appears to be a whirlwind of work. Even though he’s been in the Middle East with the rest of the cast and crew for such a short period of time, working with director Denis Villeneuve and his co-star Chalamet left a clear mark:

“I didn’t want to leave…Denis was so warm, and there was a familiar quality to the way I felt when I got there. I felt really welcomed by the crew and cast, everyone was so kind to me. “

Crafting Chani

Aside from the camaraderie he felt on set, Zendaya had nothing but nice things to say about Villeneuve’s directing style. As Zendaya explains, he was very kind and knowledgeable, which should be a balm for any “Dune” fan who is worried about this latest adaptation. Furthermore, it appears that Villeneuve’s direction facilitated Chalamet’s approach and helped her portray the monumental bond between her characters. As Zendaya said in the interview:

“Denis is so thorough and thoughtful; any question I had, he’d already thought. He had answers for everything, so I was able to talk to him and develop Chani very quickly. I got really close to Timothée. great, let’s be best friends I can tell.’ “

Best Friends Forever

In fact, Zendaya had so much fun on set that she didn’t hesitate to say how much she would like to come back. Is this a sneaky way to campaign for a sequel? Maybe, but honestly, who can blame her? Villeneuve clearly has plans for a second “Dune” movie, despite Warner Bros. keep pretty quiet about the probability of a straight. Zendaya may not be able to influence the right people at Warner Bros. on her own, but she got an ‘A’ for effort with this rather sweet quote from the same EW interview:

“There’s still a lot of story to tell. I’d love to spend more time with these characters… I’ve also become a wonderful friend of Timothée, who is now like my family would say. do. Selfishly, I want to do [a second film] to have fun and spend time with my friend. “

We hope that you will also spend more time with your friend, Zendaya. We’re all hoping you’ll spend more time with your friend.

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