“You” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And All Other Details

“You” is Netflix’s one of the best psychological thrillers which have indeed amazed the audience and the critics with its amazing storyline and phenomenal execution. After two successful seasons, Netflix has renewed “You” for another season and we cannot wait!

“You” Season 3: Release Date


Netflix dropped the second season of this series in 2019 and since then we all have been awaiting the renewal of the series for another phenomenal season.

We know that each season was being dropped back to back since 2018 and hence the third instalment was supposed to release in 2020. But we all know that the world went through a major pandemic crisis last year which also affected the entertainment industry putting productions and releases at a complete halt.


So after more than a year, it was in January 2021 when Netflix officially announced that the third season of this series will be there and with that, it also confirmed that the shootings will begin in February 2021. Although nothing has been specified about the release date we can take some wild guesses.

If the shooting actually starts in February without any delay the upcoming season might be ready to grace our screens either by the last of 2021 or early 2022, the sooner the better!

“You” Season 3: Plot

How much we love the character of Joe Goldberg who makes obsession look fascinating. The protagonist cum antagonist of this series is a simple store manager who has a very dark side.

Goldberg is someone who will love you passionately. But with that, he also makes sure that you are buried under his extreme obsession. He is that possessive and obsessed lover who will creepily stalk you.

This tale of love and extreme obsession is something which makes this series unique. The second season showed us how Goldberg is adamant that he will change himself and get rid of his creepy nature. For that, he adopts all possible ways and also runs away from his past to a new city.


But as they say that certain things cannot be changed because we are born with it. Even in the new city Goldberg finds that he is back with his obsessive nature. Although things take a turn when a woman full of mystery and suspense enters his life.

As the season progressed we saw that even she possess a very shady trait. With time we got a glimpse of who she really is. Yes! Love Quinn is someone as obsessive as Goldberg. She murders several women to keep them away from Goldberg.

So the third season will tell us the future of their relationship. Will their obsession help them build a strong relationship? The upcoming season will reveal everything.

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