Work Wear Essentials For Every Woman

Do you remember getting ready for your first major interview, taking a little extra time to do your hair in the morning, rehearsing your best responses in the mirror, and tucking into the outfit that you methodically pieced together the night before? You knew how important it was to wear something professional, comfortable, and cute.

Here are a few “must-haves” that would make finding that outfit a little easier.

Owning Classic Business Attire

While it’s always enjoyable coming up with fun new things to wear to the office, you should never underestimate the tried and true. These styles have made it through the test of time because women everywhere continue to find them practical and professional.

  • Pantsuits
  • Skirt Suits
  • Stockings
  • Button Downs

The suit is the staple of business ladies apparel. You’ll see them everywhere, from Hollywood movies to your local bus stop. They scream professionalism and demand a certain degree of respect for the women wearing them. While both pantsuits and skirt suits are acceptable options, which one you choose can speak volumes to your coworkers.

Previously reserved exclusively for the male business class, the pantsuit tells a story of a career-driven woman determined to work her way up the ranks. The skirt suit, while not lacking in professionalism, speaks of a woman that’s content with her day to day and takes life as it comes.

Most skirt suits are best worn with a pair of stockings. A good pair of stockings can prevent chafing and maybe hide a band-aid or two if you get a little clumsy saving the night before. Cardigans are a handy and affordable alternative to the business blazer. And button shirts are formal, affordable, and go with just about everything.


The Art of Accessorizing A Dress

Some dresses can be light, fun, and breezy. Others are seen as modern, sleek, and stylish. There’s a dress for about every occasion you can call to mind. And how often have you simply thrown one on in lieu of taking the next two hours to piece something deliberate together?

As long as its skirt is an appropriate length, most of your dresses can be accessorized in pursuit of the casual business look. These items are absolutely essential if you plan to take advantage of this fashion fact.

  • Blazers
  • Belts
  • Neckwear
  • Cardigans
  • Stockings

When it comes to business attire, a blazer is almost as iconic as a briefcase. And any business outfit can be tied together by just the right blazer. They come in more colors than just basic black. So, you can have fun shopping around for ones that match your style and personality.

With some dresses, a wide belt and a long chain are all you need to get ready for your workday. These accessories can take something simple and give them an air of intricacy and qualified whimsy.

Sometimes a well-placed cardigan can be the difference between business casual and just plain casual. You can find them in as many fabrics and styles as do dresses themselves and, more often than not, they’ll be more affordable.

And, for some sleek and modern dresses, stockings can offer the same look practicality and elegance that they do skirt suits.

The Power of a Well-Chosen Blouse

A blouse can offer a fun, colorful, and unique alternative to the basic button-down shirt. Over the years, ladies’ business apparel has been peppered with blouses of several colors, sizes, and styles. Blouses with large ruffles can turn plain and monotonous suits into bold and eye-catching fashion statements. Flat pastels and floral prints can brighten up your outfit in the subtlest of ways. A blouse and a cardigan can be a simple and easy effort at a business casual look.

The trick is choosing the right blouse for your outfit. Pair dramatic colors with plain ensembles to add a bit of personality to your style. Wear simple blouses with patterned blazers to keep your outfit from looking overly busy.


There are endless combinations of suits, shirts, and accessories that add up fashionable female business attire. And stocking up on accessories and clothing that come together as tried and true workwear is a smart practice.

If you are lucky enough to have landed a job in an office setting, these essential items will make it easier for you to pick out trendy and appropriate outfits every day. Have fun exploring the combinations

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