Women claims government took her sandals to prevent farmers protests.

Protests, agitations, riots are supposed to be a way to express mass disagreement over any action taken by the government or any group whose actions and decisions affects a majority of people. But what to do when some people of those groups tend to make a mockery out of it I the name of protests and determination.

The clause of morality seems to be in question for the lady and the media.

One such incident that wasn’t entirely related the ongoing protests in the country by the farmers came in light when a women famer who is also a member of one of the protests groups claimed that the govt took her sandals to stop famers from protesting. Was this actually something to be taking up the headlines or something that should have been in the news for people to know? The fact that this lady who is an adult and has the capacity to protest for her rights but she makes a mockery out of the entire issue by saying that the govt took her sandals to prevent protests shows ow some people of these protests group are irresponsible and making it a less important deal which apparently it is not. There are elderly men and women getting hurt and injured by the police’s retaliation towards the protests and then there are these big public political and b0town figures supporting them and then there such people who think that just because someone took her sandals the farmers would stop protesting.

The lady however also claimed that this will not stop her from protesting and that she will make it through barefoot, the point of her morality and sensibility still stands upright that was it really necessary for the women to make such a statement on national media and that was it really important for the media to telecast it a news story and make it altogether a different story? There are people fighting for their rights, livelihood and providing for their families a safe and secure future but this lady seems to be caring about from where will she get a new pair of sandals.

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