Who Can Travel In Mumbai Local Train opens from 15 August after Covid ?

Mumbai Local train is going to be started from 15 August 2021. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has decided on some relaxations in COVID-19 curbs. But there are some restrictions for the people to travel in Mumbai local trains. If you are wondering who will be allowed to travel in local trains?

Well, Those people who are fully vaccinated and after 14 days their second jab, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has announced on Sunday easing Covid 19 restrictions. The Chief also requests its citizens to take care of themselves and not let the Chief Minister feel down if anything goes wrong. Mr Uddhav Thakery has said during an interview on television that we are providing some relaxations from Covid-19 curbs but if cases go up, they will be compelled to resort to lockdown again. So I request to you to not invite another wave of Covid,”

Mumbai Local train

Who is allowed to travel in Mumbai Local Train?

Those people who have both the doses of Covid 19. Another condition is that there should be 14 days after the second jab. Now the question arises here how will railway authority know whether the passenger is fully vaccinated or not? At this, The Chief Minister responded and said “they will launch an app where people can update if they have taken both doses and when they took their second dose. People can take passes either from the app or from the offices,

Those people who do not have smartphones in this modern era can take photo passes from municipal ward offices in the city as well as suburban railway stations. These passes are for nearby travel which will have QR codes so the rail route organization can check their genuineness. I encourage you not to permit anybody to acquire passes unlawfully. Get completely immunized and travel.

The immense nearby train administration is right now open to just fundamental assistance labourers. Customary tasks were closed down in April this year during the overwhelming second rush of COVID-19.

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