White Fungus hits Bihar, Patna

White Fungus has become the another issue for our country. After black fungus India is now trying to deal with the white fungus. Many people have died due to the black fungus India.

The case of the new type of Fungus is seen in Bihar. Medical experts say that ‘white fungus’ is more deadly than mucormycosis as it affects other organs of the body besides the lungs.

White Fungus

Four people in Patna has attacked by this infection says head of the Department of Microbiology of Patna Medical College and Hospital Dr. S.N. Singh.

The experts has said that the white fungus is much more deadly then the black fungus, it affects on the lungs and other body parts like skin, nail, kidney, brain, mouth and private parts.

White Fungus

Dr. Singh also said that the patients who has low immunity, diabetics, patients suffering from AIDS and those who have undergone kidney transplantation are more likely to get the disease.

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