What Jefferson Capital Systems Does

Jefferson Capital Systems collects debts. The company is based in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, and has been operating for 22 years. Basically, what Jefferson Capital Systems does is buy delinquent accounts from creditors with the goal of collecting payments from debtors.

A consumer may fail to pay a loan or credit card account despite numerous attempts by the creditor to collect the money. In a case as such, the account may charge off. Third-party debt collection agencies such as Jefferson Capital Systems purchase the account for a slightly lower amount when the debt becomes charged off.

Is Jefferson Capital Systems Legitimate or Is it a Scam

Cases have been reported in the past about scammers using debt collection as a trick to steal hard-earned money from consumers. Some of the ways that can help you identify a fake debt collector include:

It is important to note that there are many debt collection scams out there. Nevertheless, Jefferson Capital Systems reviews reveal it is an authentic and legitimate debt collection agency. It is equally important to note that some debt collectors use shady tactics that are similar to those used by scammers. If Jefferson Capital Systems attempts to collect a debt from you in a manner that you feel is unfair, intimidating and unethical, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the company for violation of unfair debt collection rights.

Jefferson Capital Systems Cares About Your Debt Collection Rights

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers from debt collectors who may use unethical and abusive tactics to collect debts. According to the Act, fair debt collection rights include:

If you believe that Jefferson Capital Systems violates any of the rights above when trying to collect a debt from you, you have the right to sue.

Core Values of Jefferson Capital Systems

Values that Jefferson Capital Systems hold dear include:

  • . The agency conducts business in a manner that is ethical and honest.
  • Respect is fundamental throughout daily actions and communications.
  • Consumers, clients and partners are treated in a fair manner.
  • The agency complies with with all consumer protection laws, rules, and regulations.
  • . The agency always tries to to connect with both clients and consumers in a clear and informative way.

Jefferson Capital Systems is a debt collection agency that understands every financial situation is different. Listening to consumers is what Jefferson Capital System does, and through that, the agency is able to offer solutions that are valuable to both consumers and creditors. The company was founded based on the principles of listening, identifying solutions, and doing what is necessary.

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