What is F is for Family season 5 about?

F is for the family Season 5 has officially arrived, and this is the final season of the obscure adult animated series. With this new installment, Season 4 will begin where the story left off. But, what will happen in season 5 of this Netflix original series?

The television series was produced by Bill Burr and Michael Price. Bill Burr as Frank Murphy, Laura Dern as Sue Murphy, Justin Long as Kevin Murphy, Haley Reinhart as Bill Murphy and Debbie Deriberry as Maureen Murphy are the skilled voice cast.

F is for the family Set in Rustwell, a fictional town in Pennsylvania in the 1970s. Each season follows the dormant Murphy family as they navigate the life of the 70s. This final season, it looks like things have come to a head, and every member of the family should find a way to cope.

Now that you know the new season is over, I know you’re going to hit the play right away. But I want to make sure you know about the fifth and final season. So read on to find out F is for the family Season 5 will cover.

What’s F for Family Season 5?

As we mentioned earlier, Season 5 will begin where the story left off in the finale of Season 4. At the end of season 4, Kevin and Alice work into their problems. Mohican Airways was bought by another airline. Vic and Karen have one child. Soon a baby girl is born, and the Big Bill passes. We can expect more drama and intense situations for the Murphy family in the final season.

Check out the official trailer for Season 5 below!


In the official Season 5 trailer, it looks like Big Bill is dead, and Murphy will have to find a way to get through this incredible loss. The death of Big Bill affects Frank the most as it seems he is on a journey to understand the meaning of his abusive father’s life.

Looks like Kevin will stick to Alice, and he’ll push her away. We saw Bill being escorted by a cop, so he must have done something terrible. Maureen has a creepy eyeball and wants to call the dead. Vic needs help as a good father to her newborn baby.

Sue is trying to reconcile things with her parents and brother. And Bill confesses something to Frank that he keeps secret for a while. I wonder what secret he holds because, based on Frank’s immediate reaction, he couldn’t be better.

We can’t wait to see how F is for the family Season 5 will close. Be sure to check out the fifth and final season of F is for the family On Netflix right now!

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