Walmart Slams Amazon’s Whole Foods Delivery Fee That Leaves a ‘Whole’ in Customers’ Wallets

Whole Foods is a US multinational supermarket famous for selling organic and preservatives and foods without artificial flavors. In 1978, it was founded by two American businessmen. In 2017, almost 39 years later, Amazon (AMZN) made Whole Foods its property.

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The company used to offer 2 hours free delivery to its prime members but has imposed new delivery fees on its prime customers. Although Amazon warned consumers about the new fees imposed last month, consumers appear to be disappointed with the new additional fees.

Walmart Trolls Amazon


Walmart (WMT) took no time in trolling its rival, Whole Foods, as Prime members were required to pay a hefty fee of $ 9.95 on express orders with 2-hour delivery. According to CNN reports, Amazon warned shoppers that delivery fees would be levied in September.

But despite the fee, Prime members will get free delivery on orders over $ 35 and a special discount package on their Prime membership.

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According to CNN, Walmart sent an email to its customers trolling Amazon, saying that anyone who subscribes to Walmart +, which is a prime version of Walmart and a competitor to Amazon Prime, will get back 9.95. In addition, he said his customers are not eligible for a food delivery service that charges them as much as their delivery costs.

Comparison of Amazon Prime and Walmart +

If we compare the prime membership of both Amazon and Walmart i.e. Walmart +, we will note that the price of Amazon Prime membership is $ 119 per year or $ 12.99 per month. Walmart +, on the other hand, offers a મ્બર 98 annual and $ 12.95 prime membership.

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Walmart + subscriptions are $ 21 cheaper a year than Amazon, and in addition to the lower cost of a one-year membership, Walmart + membership offers free daily delivery of items, no shipping charges without a minimum order limit, and so on.

Both stores always think ahead of each other to give their best to their customers and get more market share. Let’s review a bit from my personal opinion about how I compare the two. For me, the entrance to any store is of significant importance, it should be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, urging users to visit.

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But when I visited both of the local stores in town, I found Hall Foods ’entry to be lively and refreshing, green and decorated with flowers, while Walmart’s entry was simple and spacious.

The other thing that caught my attention was the arrangement of products like fruits and vegetables. Meat and chicken etc. I analyzed and found that the whole food arrangement is more tidy and easier to buy.

Amazon and Walmart’s Black Friday Sale:

Both Walmart and Amazon are putting up attractive offers to attract customers. Black Friday deals have been launched by both competitors by offering bigger and better discounts to attract their customers.

Amazon’s “Black Friday-worthy” deals have been on offer since early October, while Walmart’s “Black Friday Deals for Days” Black Friday deals will be launched soon and will include discounted sales throughout the week of November. This will be the second consecutive year of Walmart Black Friday discounts.

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