Vote held to confirm Amy Barrett’s nomination

President Trump has chosen Amy Coney Barrett to fill the position left vacant by Ruth Bader Ginsberg. This provides a 6-3 conservative majority to the top court.

A vote was held in the Senate to decide upon the appointment as the Republicans impelled for a confirmation on the Nominee. The vote came out 52-48, confirming the 48-year-old judge. GOP Senator Susan Collins will be joining the Democrats to oppose the nomination.

Barrett: 5th woman in Supreme Court

Ms. Barrett will be the first mother of school-aged children and the fifth woman to be appointed to the Court. She will also make the number of Catholics in the Supreme Court judges up to six out of the nine.

The nomination was widely opposed by the Democrats. They asserted that this was insincere of the Senate Republicans as they barred Merrick Garland, who was nominated by Barrack Obama. With the election around the corner, most of the Americans have already voted.

Country’s health at stake

The country could face serious issues regarding Ms. Barrett’s stance on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), immigration, abortion rights, climate change, gay rights and the manner in which she may decide on the outcome of any election related cases if a narrow victory or loss is contested for many future years.

This last-minute nomination from Trump has turned many heads and has been the topic of conversation for both parties. Democrats have repeatedly warned the Americans that their health insurance during a fatal pandemic could be in peril if her appointment confirms. The Court will be hearing the challenge to the ACA in November.

Barrett refused to answer

Barrett refused to answer the questions related to elections, ACA case or even climate change. The announcement event of the Judge’s nomination was responsible for the spread of the virus to several people along with President Trump. The confirmation ceremony was mindfully organised with social distancing norms in place.

With Ms. Barrett’s selection to the Court, Democrats will be considering term limits for Supreme Court justices and also surging the number of justices in the court.

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