Virgin River Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Details

Virgin River Season 3 is being eagerly awaited by the audience after the massive success of the previous two seasons.

Virgin River Season 3: Release Date

Virgin River Season 3

We know that the second season of the Netflix series was dropped on November 27, 2020. It was well-received by the audience and they have been left craving for more.

So in December 2020, Netflix announced that Virgin River Season 3 is on the cards. Thus the series was renewed for another season and we can’t be more excited.

Virgin River Season 3

The production is all set to begin in early 2021. If that happens we can predict that the upcoming season will hit the screens by late 2021. But we need to wait for Netflix to announce an official release soon.

Virgin River Season 3: Plot

The amazing plotline of this series has helped it gain immense popularity. The story focusses on the protagonist Melinda Monroe who moves to a small town called Virgin River after losing her husband and son.

But things don’t go smooth for her in the new town. And many mysteries associated with this simple-looking town gets unveiled. In the first season, we saw Melinda struggling hard to settle down in the new town. 

Virgin River Season 3

The previous season left us in a big cliffhanger. We saw how Jack was shot and Melinda found him lying the pool of blood. So the upcoming season will tell us if it is the end of Jack or will he survive the attack. Apart from that, several other things have to be revealed in the upcoming season.

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