Virgin River makes a comeback by announcing its season 3 to be released by November 2021.

Ever since the government allowed the filmmakers to continue shootings of films or web series, they have been keeping all the cinema fanatics on their feet.

Virgin River is back with a season 3 for all those binge watchers out there. Its true what the say about being a hopeless romance lover that it just gets you hooked to it for no sensible reason whatsoever. The same can be said for Virgin River, it is a mainstream romantic, low-key, daily soap kind of show with lots of mystery and drama and basically how a girl escaped her life to a small town only to find she didn’t really escape her past but also got caught up in the new town’s drama.

The first season was definitely a hit but was outdone by the second which ended on a rather big and mind boggling cliffhanger which really made people make the worst of the worst assumptions as to what might have happened to Jack. Leaving the fans on such a huge cliffhanger it was certain that there was going to be a season 3 which will unravel the mystery and bring other things to light a well.

On Friday December 18th it was announced that Netflix will be renewing the new season of the series with all of the main characters returning from season 2 in addition with Zibby Allen, Stacey Farber playing Jack’s sister and Lily’s daughter.

A lot of the renowned and popular film makers tend to make films based on potential filled novels which is no less different in the case of Virgin river that is an adaption of the books written by Robyn Carr, although there maybe slight differences in the story and characters and their appearances and sequences in the virtual representation of the books the creators make sure they end it on the same note a the book but with some creative visualization and a little more audience and eye catching visuals. The maker of the series also will be doing the same considering there is still so much to happen if we go along as the book does nothing that had happened in the end of season 2 was related so it safe to assume that there is still a lot to come and that this new season is going to be a bang.

The new season can be expected to release by November 2021 give or take a few weeks because the production of a new season begins soon after the previous one end but because the pandemic put a hold on everything the production for season3 was obviously delayed thus the delay in its airing.

The upcoming season is expected to follow the lives the almost all the characters, whether Mel and Jack are back together, Did doctor Mullins share the news with hope before they were interrupted or not, how Preacher decides between staying in Virgin River or taking that new chef job in San Francisco, and, most urgently, who shot Jack (and, of course, if he even survives) and apart from focusing just on Mel and Jack’s relation they will also be focusing on the relationship between Ricky and Lizzie who came close in the last season.

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