First Case Of UK COVID-19 Strain Reported In Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand has reported its first case of the new UK COVID-19 variant. This has raised concern in the state.

New Variant Of COVID-19 Reported In Uttarakhand



A person from Dehradun district has been tested positive for the new variant of the UK coronavirus strain and this has raised series concerns in the state.

The case was reported on January 14. The health department of the state has issued an official press release stating the case. The director of the state medical and health department Dr SK Gupta has stated that the first case of this new variant in the state is a matter of big concern.


He assured that everyone who was in contact with the patient would be traced to avoid further transmission. Dr Gupta has also said that the patient is getting quality treatment under all the required protocols.

Current COVID-19 Situation In Uttarakhand

Cases of COVID-19 although is under control in the state but several cases are being reported from time to time. Recently 154 new cases have been reported.

And amid all these the new case of the UK variant has posed a bigger threat in the state. But looking at the brighter side the positivity rate is quite high.


As of now, it stands at more than 94%. And the state government has assured a 100% positivity rate soon. The statement government has been taking all the necessary measures to keep the spread of the virus at bay.

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