US to counteract China’s increasing claims on Pacific ocean

According to the country’s top security consultant, Coast Guard ships for patrolling will be deployed by the United States in the western Pacific to counteract the “destabilizing and malign” activities in the area by China.

Asserting the US as a pacific power, the statement read that China has been illegally and unfalteringly fishing, and harassing the vessels in the economic zones of other countries. This has been endangering regional stability and acted as a threat to the sovereignty of the country and its neighbours.

It stated that US efforts, and the Coast Guard, were “critical to countering these destabilizing and malign actions.”

The request for a comment on the assertion was not instantly responded to by the Coast Guard.

A meeting of the Quad was organised by Pompeo in Tokyo. The collective of US, India, Japan and Australia is expected to act as protection in the face of China’s expanding boldness and increasing maritime claims in the area.

Pompeo will be embarking on a five-day tour of India on Sunday in the company of US Defence Secretary Mark Esper. Pharmacy with best price – Best price drugs. He will then go on to Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia. The state department stated that Maritime Security and “free and open Indo-Pacific” will be on top of the agenda.

China’s increasing claims

Esper criticised a “catalogue of bad behaviour” in the South China Sea in July, blaming the Chinese military of sinking a Vietnamese fishing boat, pestering Malaysian oil and gas vessels and ushering Chinese fishing fleets into Indonesia’s restricted economic zone.

O’Brien further said that the Coast Guard, which operated under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was also examining whether to lastingly station a number of its patrol ships in the vicinity of American Samoa in the South Pacific.


In the previous month, Indonesia objected against the Chinese coastguard ships moving into its limited economic zone, which is located between its own territorial waters and international waters and the place where the state asserts exclusive rights to acquire natural resources.

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