University of California in $250m payouts due to doctor’s sex abuse

Over 200 women believe a college gynaecologist sexually abused them, and the University of California has agreed to pay over $250 million (£185 million).

Several women claim that James Heaps’ alleged sexual assault of patients was purposefully concealed by the university’s Los Angeles campus (UCLA).

Between 1983 and 2018, Mr Heaps worked at the UCLA Student Health Center for 35 years. Hundreds of women claim he mistreated them, some of whom had cancer.

Mr Heaps’ accusations were not investigated by the University of California until 2017. In hundreds of cases, it has been accused of covering up a gynaecologist’s alleged sexual abuse of victims.

University of California

In 2019, a judge ordered his medical licence to be suspended for the length of the sex abuse case.

The University of California expressed the hope that the cash settlement would bring “healing and closure” to the women involved. Mr Heaps has pleaded not guilty to 21 felony counts of sexual assault against seven women.

According to a UCLA statement released on Tuesday, “the alleged conduct by Heaps is repugnant and opposed to the University’s principles.” “Our first and highest responsibility will always be to the communities we serve, and we hope that this resolution will help the plaintiffs find peace and closure.”

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