People Travelling To United States Should Possess COVID Negative Certificate

People flying to United States from any part of the world should possess a Covid negative certificate. This is the new protocol set by the country to keep the spread of coronavirus at bay.

COVID Negative Certificate Mandatory for United States Travellers

United States

The ongoing pandemic has been affecting the United States at large. So far the disease has cost thousands of lives and has also affected several sectors like employment, economy etc. Therefore it is crucial to keep the spread of the disease at bay.

Therefore new protocols have been set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, These rules are meant to control the spread of coronavirus in the country.

United States

As per the new guidelines, any person travelling to the US should possess COVID negative certificate. And any person failing to meet the protocol would be fined.

The New UK Variant Raises Concern

The new UK variant COVID-19 has been raising concern in the United States. Therefore the CDC has been making sure that the new variant does not spike in the country.

United States

For that, the primary measure that has to be taken is to keep a check on the travellers who visit the country from other parts of the world. The centre is making sure that people visiting the country are completely fit and fine and free from any traces of COVID-19.

The rules will be made mandatory from January 26, 2021.

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