UK to strengthen ties with leading economies,starting with India.

India and UK have strengthened their relationship ever since the UK Foreign secretary and his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar discussed business and trade deals between the two countries.

Ever since UK has decided to get out of EU and been trying to work out the deals after the Brexit trade deal UK has opened its border to do business with new and improving and other leading economies like India and work on a close basis with them. The two countries on Tuesday signed a 10-year roadmap to advance their relation and have sworn to work on to fast tracking deals like a free trade agreement. The understanding between the two is coming ahead because UK is cutting back from the EU. Raab said Britain’s upcoming integrated strategic review will contain an “Indo-Pacific tilt” and there is “no stronger partner” in the east than India.

India and UK shall be working for the benefit or each other on various issues like business, overseas trade, environment. “We agreed on key elements of a 10-year UK-India roadmap so that we can deliver a step change in ambition for the relationship between our two countries. We look forward to taking this forward in 2021, including through the UK’s presidency of the G7 and presidency of the UN climate change conference,” Raab said.

Particularly what areas will be looked on foremost between the two countries now that they have advanced their relation will be inclusive of also flow of people, basically meaning to allow the people from both the countries to interact with each other, exchange ideas, culture and much more. Other aspects of the deal not only include trade but ado defence, security, climate changes, which apparently are the biggest concerns this time and health, another important factor that needs attention because of the ongoing pandemic.

Keeping aside these issues which are pretty much understood when two countries try to strengthen their relation UK and India will also work on the Afghanistan issue, radicalism and increasing terrorism; along with developments in the Middle east. The two sides had agreed to prioritise the finalisation of an “ambitious, 360-degree roadmap” for upgrading relations that will be adopted during Johnson’s visit in January, the external affairs ministry said.

Both sides realise the urgency of the situation given their students and teachers can fly in and out soon and resume their work and also because if this tie strengthens it will UK the upper hand especially in the Indo-pacific region.

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