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UK plastic waste dumped in Turkey says Greenpeace

UK plastic waste is being dumped and burnt in Turkey says reports. The process is totally illegal says Greenpeace. According to Greenpeace last year around 210,000 UK’s waste exports were sent.

The waste is not being recycled at all. The investigators said that the waste were dumped by roads, in fields and in waterways. The UK is a “global leader in tackling plastic pollution”, the government said – after Greenpeace called for it to “take control” of the problem.

UK's plastic waste

The Greenpeace report says that Turkey was becoming Europe’s “largest plastic waste dump”. The charity said it had investigated 10 sites across southern Turkey and found plastic bags and packaging from UK supermarkets and retailers at all of them.

In 2020 UK plastic waste dumped in Turkey around 40%. an increase by a factor of 18 since 2016, when 12,000 tonnes were sent. European Union member states also sent 20 times more plastic waste to Turkey last year compared to 2016.

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