UK government announces ‘Online Safety Bill’ to protect online users

UK government has announced a Online Safety Bill to protect the online users. Queen has said in her speech that the bill is going to keep all the users safe and away from all type of harmful contents.

She also added that It is “especially” geared at keeping children safe and says “democratically important” content should be preserved. But campaigners say the plans will lead to censorship, while others warn fines do not go far enough.

UK government

UK government says that in the process of making the bill, it took two years. It includes such type of content which might be harmful to the children, some of them are hate speech, revenge porn, grooming images of child abuse and posts relating to suicide and eating disorders.

The Online safety Bill also includes other online issues like fraud, online scams, fake investment opportunities etc. but it does not includes frauds through advertising, emails or cloned websites.

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