UK fights the new variant of the already highly infectious virus Corona.

This year started off as any other year with hopes, dreams, ambitions, resolutions and a big grand welcome but what came ahead was not anticipated by anyone.

Coronavirus, a deadly virus attacked the world and spread as fast as a wildfire infecting anyone not aware or precautious of the situation. Self-isolations, masks, social distancing the entire world went on lockdown and the world came tumbling down, even the strongest of the economies crashed.

The virus spread to such deep ends that if the governments had not acted fast enough an unimaginable amount of population would have wiped out. The virus grew stronger and showed various twists and turns with multiple effects on different people who got affected.

But just when the world saw the hope to a normal life with vaccine doses getting distributed in the countries there were new strains of the virus seen in the UK. The World Health Organisation on Monday said that they have no evidence as to what caused the strain but it surely scared the world and people started to rush back to their native countries scared of getting infected by the new more infectious strain of the virus which is much easily transmissible than before.

There are many countries who closed their doors to those who are travelling from the UK and banned all travel from Britain all over again. Some of these countries are Saudi, India, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and others. The US which is like the biggest economy and one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of medical advancements was the worst hit by the virus is afraid that it takes only one person to carry the variant to the US and then spread it and make the country lose all the progress they made in fighting the virus. It is really concerning that the UK has been hit with this new variant just when it is ready to drop out of the European Union.

  “Since the three vaccine forerunners target the spike protein, how the variant responds to the vaccines and the protection that the vaccine will offer does still need to be examined in detail,” said Saad Shakir, a professor and director at Britain’s drug safety research unit. There are expected food shortages to occur in the country given that France shut its border to arrivals of people and trucks from Britain, closing off one of the most important trade arteries with mainland Europe. If the travel ban is not sorted soon there will be a shortage over the holiday season as no driver wants to deliver to the country. The most affected area with the new mutilation of the virus was Wales with a total of 250,000 people affected. Although it is still not known if the vaccine that is being provided in the country will protect the people from this new strain or not but the scientists are still figuring it out.

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