UK battles the new variant probably coming from South Africa.

There was a new variant of the virus identified in the UK recently which put the entire world progress against the virus in jeopardy there is now another variant identified of the virus in South Africa.

The virus is said to cause a more dangerous second wave of the virus in the country regarding which the country has increased lockdown. The new variant in the two countries shall impose more restrictions. The new variant in the UK is said to be related to the one in South Africa as the cases were also of the two who had travelled from the same past week.

The country has entered a much tightened and strict lockdown period. I asked all those who travelled to and from South Africa to get quarantined and observe precautions. The Pfizer BioNtech vaccine doses are still being given out in the country and the oxford Astrazeneca is almost ready for a regulatory approval.

 “This new variant is highly concerning because it is yet more transmissible and it appears to have mutated further than the new variant that has been discovered in the UK,” Hancock said, addressing a briefing from 10 Downing Street.

The new variant is really more aggressive than the ongoing virus given it mutates faster and spreads faster and has already spread through various other countries like India through all those people who had travelled to and from UK ever since the new variant was found.

The fight against this virus may seem long and unending but the world has come this far and has to just hold on for some more time before we emerge victorious over this. There are already vaccines that have started to flow in and people have started to be immunized with the doses too.

The mutation and the depth of transmission of the new variant is however still being identified in the country’s best labs.  More parts of the UK have been put into observation and told to observe lockdown and other precautionary measure because the number of cases due to the new mutation have been highest in a day than the pre-existing virus which is really concerning. The people living in the east and south east England will be put to 4th tier of precaution and observation since 26th December given the upcoming festivities and holiday may increase the number of cases from this highly transmissible new variant which is the last thing the government, country and the word needs.

France has decided to lift the ban on UK ever since the virus broke on the condition of a negative coronavirus test result because of the many lorries stuck at the border who have the work of travelling across everyday multiple times. Under the revised rules, only people living in tiers one to three are permitted to socialise in a bubble of three households on December 25 for Christmas Day. Those in Tier 4 areas must only celebrate Christmas with members of their own household and support bubble. They will not be allowed to travel to other tiers to see family and friends.

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