Typhoon in Vietnam: Rescue missions underway

Rescue missions are in place for over 40 people who have been suspected to be stuck in the debris after a landslide which killed 19 people in Vietnam.

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung visited the site of the incident and directed the soldiers, who were working to get the debris removed, to call for more troops for the rescue effort.

“We must reach the landslide site the fastest way. First, send in more soldiers before we can get the big machine there. We have to reach the area by all means, including by using helicopters,” he stated.

Fishermen stuck in the typhoon

12 people were fishermen among those who died as their boats sank on Wednesday because of the Typhoon Molave. It loomed with the speed of 93 miles per hour. 14 other fishermen have been reported missing.

The officials conveyed that as and when the details of other casualties or damages is reported, only then can we know the exact death toll caused by the typhoon.

On Thursday, 8 dead bodies were found by the rescuers crushed under the remains of a hillside in the village of Tra Van in Quang Nam district.

Villages evacuated

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They endured injuries on their arms and legs and were taken to the hospital. A thorough search has been going on for a minimum of 33 other people who might be under the debris.

The village Tra Leng had been blocked owing to the damaged roads and floods caused by the typhoon but it was opened up by the disaster response teams. The bulldozers and rescuers were then taken to help.


Villagers have been advised to find a safe shelter and to stay away from unstable mountain slopes.

Over 56,000 roofs of houses were torn apart by the typhoon and it also caused an enormous blackout in Quang Ngai region, where over a million people had to stay in the dark during the fatal typhoon.

According to the local news, troops made all efforts to rescue the people who were believed to be buried alive in Tra Leng, and the other part of a mountainside wet with rain came down in a torrent of mud in the vicinity of the Phuoc Loc district, which took the lives of three people and 11 others were trapped.

40,000 people were moved to emergency shelters and offices factories and schools have been shut down by the authorities to prevent further injuries.

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