Two Quentin Tarantino Films Are Simultaneously Dominating The Streaming Charts

Quentin Tarantino Is a legendary infamous director. The mastermind behind many classic films that have revolutionized the movie industry, he has made a household name because of his exploratory but compelling films. And right now, two of his most famous films are making waves on the streaming charts.

According to FlixPatrol, Kill Bill: Volume 1 Currently the 2nd most popular movie on HBO, and its sequel, Kill Bill: Volume 2, It is currently the 10th most popular film on the same service.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 Released in 2003. Love letters to grindhouse cinema, especially 1970s kung-fu and exploitative films. Kill Bill Uma sees Thurman playing a character named Bride. On the day of her wedding, the bride is shot at the altar by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, a group whose bride was formally a member. The bride lying down tells Deadly Viper leader Bill that she is pregnant with her baby, but he responds by shooting her in the head.

However, the shot does not actually hit the bride. After waking up from a four-year coma, the bride moves on in search of revenge. The bride begins to work her way through the lower members of the gang as she tries to find Bill and, as the title suggests, kills her in a hateful manner. Then in 2004 Kill Bill: Volume 2 Was published. The film follows the bride, resuming her search for revenge, moving on from where it first ended.

It was very popular when the films were released and it quickly became a cult classic. Volume 1 Earned $ 180.9 million worldwide, and Volume 2 Earned $ 152.2 million worldwide. Both films were highly acclaimed at the time, as demonstrated by their stunningly high Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Volume 1 85% critical score and 81% audience score, and Volume 2 84% is a critical score and 89% is an audience score. In fact, the reviews of both movies are very similar, with critics and viewers praising the stylish fight sequences and well-run plot. However, there was some criticism, with many reviews showing that the film is a very standard revenge film. And, while it does have emotional moments, it doesn’t have much depth, especially when compared to other films of the same genre.

However, the film did well during the awards season, with Uma Thurman winning three awards for her performance as a bride. On top of this, both the films won the award for Best Action / Adventure Film at the Shani Awards.

Why it’s not hard to see Kill Bill The cult has become a classic due to its provocative intrigue and stunning stylish action scenes. Because of this, it will reappear regularly on the streaming chart as people go back and watch these popular movies again.

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