#TwitterBJPseDarGaya trends after Twitter removes posts from Congress party

#TwitterBJPseDarGaya is trending right now after twitter has removed posts from congress party leaders and its workers. Twitter recently removed the posts of the rape victim 9 years old girl’s family meeting with Rahul Gandhi. After removing the posts, Congress party blames twitter for being biased and many party members questions twitter for locking multiple accounts of Congress party for rising their voice for justice for the 9yr old Dalit child.

The Congress on Thursday has raised a question why no action has been taken against the BJP’s chief of information technology by Twitter for similar violation that has led to restrictions on the social media accounts of the party, its leader Rahul Gandhi and scores of its members.

Rahul Gandhi even called twitter ‘dear orange twitter’

Twitter reacts after being criticised

Twitter has said its guidelines are “implemented sensibly and fairly for everybody”, and that it took “proactive activity on a few hundred tweets that posted a picture that abused our Rules”.

The organization said it was alerted by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, or NCPCR, “about explicit substance on our foundation that purportedly uncovered the character of a supposed rape casualty’s (and a minor’s) folks”

“They has reviewed it against Twitter Rules and policies, as well as the concerns expressed as a matter of the Indian law…” a company spokesperson said, adding, “If a tweet is found to be in violation of the Twitter Rules, and has yet to be deleted by the account holder, we hide it behind a notice and the account remains locked until the tweet is removed or the appeal is successfully processed.”

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