Trump throws off mask at a campaign rally amidst the worldwide pandemic

Following his discharge from the hospital, President of USA, Donald Trump, has been back on the campaign trail for the first time. A statement has been issued by his doctor that he has been tested negative for the infection on successive days. Although, the dates for the negative yielding tests have not been revealed.

Trump, as he reached the rally venue, threw his mask towards the crowd, without paying any heed to the ongoing pandemic and the regulations of social distancing. Even the supporters in the crowd were standing too close together without wearing any masks. “It’s great to be back in my home state, Florida, to make my official return to the campaign trail. I am so energized by your prayers and humbled by your support,” he said.


Ridiculous tweet by Trump

On Monday, Twitter removed a tweet from Donald Trump in which he said that he ‘defeated the crazy horrible China virus’ and was also now ‘immune to it’. It was removed as it was ‘misleading and potentially harmful’ information about the virus. Trump’s swift return to campaigning garnered disapproval from the presidential candidate Biden and other Democrats.

Trump’s medical status

Following the lift off of Air Force One from Joint Base Andrews, the president’s doctor apprised on his health and said that Trump had tested negative for the virus over a few successive days. His doctor, Navy Cmdr. Scott Conley said that the tests, in concurrence with other facts and figures, counting the viral load, helped him settle the fact that Trump was not contagious.

Although, the White House did not reveal the dates of the tests that gave the negative result. “Yeah, I’m not going to give you a detailed readout with timestamps every time the president’s tested,” White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said tauntingly. The following report declaring that he tested negative was only publicized.

If this query was cleared, people could have a fair understanding of the President’s condition and if he has been or will be contagious. It seems shady that the White House is not sharing such crucial details regarding the same and makes people think about what else they are not telling us.

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