Truecaller update comes with great features

Truecaller is adopting hardware subscriptions, similar to an auto-leasing scheme, which would be a significant business move for a corporation that has always sold gadgets outright, with some payments or carrier subsidies. It might help Apple earn more income and make spending thousands of dollars on new gadgets more bearable for users.

The iPhone is already Apple’s most profitable product, garnering about $192 billion in revenue last year – more than half of the company’s total income.


Users may make their urgent and time-sensitive communications more noticeable by sending a personalized notification along with them using the Urgent Messages capabilities. Even if another app is active, this high-visibility message will appear on the receiver’s screen and will not go away until the recipient reads it.

Truecaller’s Smart Cards will extract key information from large amounts of data and show it as an easy-to-read card. This will occur when you get essential SMSs such as transaction data, tickets, and OTPs, among other things. Instead of transmitting the complete content of the SMS, these Smart Cards may be shared as an image across any platform.

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