“Tribes Of Europa” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

After the first season, the fans are waiting for the release of “Tribes Of Europa” Season 2. The series debuted in February 2021 on Netflix and earned good viewership.

“Tribes Of Europa” Season 2: Release Date

"Tribes Of Europa"

This sci-fi series by Netflix is really loved by the audience worldwide. It was released on February 19, 2021, with six episodes in the first season. Originally made as a German series it has been dubbed in English for a foreign audience.

Talking about “Tribes Of Europa” Season 2, as of now we don’t have any information from the makers or Netflix. We know that Netflix always relies on viewership before renewing any series.

"Tribes Of Europa"

And we know that the first season of this sci-fi had a very good viewership. So there are high chances that the second season would be announced soon. If it is announced and the production begins this year then we can expect the second instalment to release by mid or end of 2022.

“Tribes Of Europa” Season 2: Plot

Netflix is known for bringing up shows having new concepts. And this sci-fi series is also one of them. Well, the story is set from 2070 when entire Europe has been divided into microstates after a catastrophe.

Now each of these small states wants to be dominant and rule. Three siblings emerge out to reunite Europe and help people out amid this crisis. But things are not easy for them as they get caught in a strange cube known as the Atlantian cube.

"Tribes Of Europa"

The previous season left us with different questions. We saw that Liv will join the Femen indigenous tribe. Also, Kian has successfully killed his father. Apart from that, we saw that Elja was trying to deal with the cube. But we saw that even after falling in water the cube did not get destroyed and in turn formed a new portal.

So what will happen now? Where is the new portal located? If “Tribes Of Europa” Season 2 is ever made we will get an answer to all these questions.

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