Transport issues may be faced following Bharat bandh in Maharashtra.

With the spirit of Bharat bandh in the country the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation decided that the buses and cabs in the state will run as per schedule until and unless they meddle with the law and order and there are specific orders regarding the Bharat bandh. With MSRTC deciding to run buses and cabs The All India Motor Transport Congress has decided that they are willing to suspend the running of their vehicles and join the farmers in their call for Bharat bandh.

Anything that has been happening in regard to the protests organised by the farmers has in no way been meddling with any kind of emergencies and not deprived anyone of fulfilling their basic needs, with the same spirit the secretary of Maharashtra Rajya Truck Tempo Tankers Vahatuk Sangh Daya natkar decided that the Transportation of essential commodities like milk, vegetables and fruits will be excluded from the bandh. The taxis shall be running within the metropolis because the sector has already been hit hard by the pandemic and lockdown. However, the markets will be closed and the supply of fruits and vegetables will be affected for sometime in the state. The BEST workers’ union will not be joining the call for Bharat Bandh with their vehicles running as regular as ever.

Smaller taxis and rickshaws joined the protests which will thus effect transport in some areas of the state. Howbeit the retails shops and banks shall remain open, members of the key union, the Maharashtra State Bank Employees Federation nonetheless will be reporting to work and as a show of their support to Bharat Bandh will be wearing badges and hold morchas and demonstrations. Shiv Sena leader Prakash Penkar’s rickshaw union has decided to support the bandh call. It does seem as if the call for Bharat bandh does not have the support of every person and group and organization from the country and that there are still some who do not think it to be their moral conscience to support the people who provide us with our food and our means of survival. Some groups in Maharashtra  decided to support the bandh by wearing badges and other means shows how there are still people who would support there poor people in their cause and fight for survival as much as they can and in their own ways. Supporting the farmers for something that their entire life depends on and for what they feel is cheating and they are being deprived of ways they can conform to to come out of a state of poverty and probably rise up to a middle class level and provide their family a 3 time meal and a happy satisfactory life does not harm anyone or would not take away their fundamental right.

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