Toyota announced C+walk, a three-wheeled e-scooter in Japan

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Toyota announced the launch of the C+ walk. It is a foot-type model that fits the C+ series of walking range mobility, which will also include seated-type and wheelchair-bound vehicles.

The Japanese automaker’s three-wheel vertical electric scooter comes with a low, flat 150 mm (5.9 in.) base and a compact design that makes it suitable for use in pedestrian areas, making it easy to travel and communicate side-by-side with fellow pedestrians. It measures 700 mm (27.5 inches) in length, 450 mm (17.7 inches) in width, 1,210 mm (47.6 inches) in height, and weighs almost 29 kg. It is designed to support weights of up to 100 kg, its resin body comes in a two-tone finish and each of the three wheels is wrapped in puncture-proof tires.

A removable lithium-ion battery allows the C+ to walk about 14 km on a single charge, and it needs about 2.5 hours to recharge from zero to full. Users can set the scooter’s maximum travel speed via a speed adjustment knob and can choose from five different options, from 2 to 6 km/h, with additional 10 km/h setting for experienced users.


The electric scooter is equipped with obstacle detection functions that help to avoid collisions with obstacles or pedestrians ahead. The system provides a visual alert on the display panel and an audible alert and decelerates the vehicle to approximately 2 km/h (1.2 mph) to help avoid collisions with other users, obstacles and pedestrians.

Toyota designed the C+ walk for comfortable use in walking areas, side-by-side travel, and communication with other pedestrians.

Initially, the automaker envisions the scooter helping older workers travel through large-scale facilities such as warehouses, factories and airport terminals. It can also be used in activities that take place within parks and other facilities. In the future, the company hopes the Japanese government will certify the C+ walk for use on public roads (under existing laws, it is not allowed on public roads or sidewalks), in which case it would support people who have difficulty walking long distances.

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Toyota car dealers in Japan begin selling and renting the C+ floor in Japan at a starting price of ¥341,000 (just under $3,100). There is no information on whether the C+ walk will have a commercial release outside of Japan at this time.

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