Top 10 Biggest Passenger Plane in the World

More and more people, for both leisure and work, fly around the world every year. Aircraft manufacturers and other airline industry experts are always looking for new solutions to handle the growing number of passengers.

Commercial aircraft have grown in size as a result of the growing desire to transport millions of people every day around the world. In addition to the Airbus A380-800, which is the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the ranking of the world’s ten largest commercial aircraft is as follows. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 largest passenger planes in the world.

Top 10 largest passenger planes in the world in 2021

The airline industry is always looking for new and imaginative ways to accommodate its customers, whether it is by increasing space, unconventionally reconfiguring seats, streamlining schedules or otherwise accommodating them. Here is a list of the top 10 largest passenger planes in the world.

1. Airbus A380-800

French engineers designed and built the Airbus A380-800, a passenger airliner that can carry 853 people in a single class and 644 people in a two-tier class. The wide-body plane made its maiden flight on April 27, 2005 and has a maximum range of 8,208 miles. It has a maximum range of 8,000 miles and an elevation of 43,100 feet.

The world’s largest passenger airliner is the Airbus A380-800. It is the largest passenger jet in the world due to its size and weight. One of the ship’s four seating classes can accommodate more than 500 guests on its two decks. First-class, business-class, premium economy and economy-class seats are available. In addition, the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines power the aircraft.

2. Boeing 747-8

The Boeing 747-8 is an American passenger jetliner built by the Boeing Company. If a single-class system is adopted it can accommodate 700 passengers, while a double-class system has 600 seats available. The plane has a range of 8,000 nautical miles or 14,816 kilometers.

However, by 2020 it had received only 47 orders instead of the planned 300. In 2006, Lufthansa (LHA) was the first to order the 747-8. The other carriers who ordered the aircraft were Korean Air and Air China. Boeing had earlier warned vendors that the last 747-8 would close the production line in 2022. The last order for a passenger variant of the 747-8 for the US President’s Air Force One transport jet came in 2017. It is expected to be delivered in 2024.

3. Boeing 747-400

The Boeing 747-400 was built by Boeing in Seattle, in the United States. The 747-400 was based on an older version of the 747-400. It has a three-class cabin that can accommodate 416 people, a two-class cabin that can accommodate 524 passengers and an all-economy cabin that can accommodate 660 passengers.

4. Boeing 777-300

The 550 can accommodate up to 550 people in a single-class system, and the US-made Boeing 777-300 passenger airliner can accommodate 451 people in a two-class setup. Its range is 11,135 kilometers or 6,013 nautical miles.

The 777-300 has 131 aircraft in operation, with the Emirates being the world’s largest Boeing 777 operator.

5. Airbus A340-600

Airbus’ A340 family includes the A340-600, their largest model to date. The aircraft is 247 feet long and has 208 feet of wingspan. The Airbus A340-600 has a regular seating capacity of 320 to 370 people and a high density seating capacity of 475 passengers. It can be used to fly in commercial, corporate or government on Airbus A340-600.

6. Boeing 777-200

The American-made passenger airliner, the Boeing 777-200 aircraft has a single-class capacity of 440 people and a two-class capacity of 400 passengers. Its range is 7,700 nautical miles or 14,260 kilometers.

Several airlines, including British Airways (BA), Delta Airlines (DAL), and Singapore Airlines (SQ), are bidding farewell to the aircraft.

7. Airbus A350-900

The Airbus A350-900 is Airbus’ new generation 325-seat wide-body passenger airliner. In one profile, the A350-900 can travel long distances of up to 19 hours, making it the world’s longest commercial airliner. A brand new version of this product has come in the market in January this year.

The Airbus A350-900 has a maximum seating capacity of 440 people, and the wingspan is 212.43 feet. Qatar Airways and Philippines Airlines are two of the most frequent users of the plane. It includes seven temperature zones in the cabin to help control the temperature more precisely when onboard.

8. Airbus A340-500

Although launched in 2006, the Airbus A340-500, some of which were first delivered in early 2002. There are 372 seats in the single-class configuration and 313 seats in the double-class configuration. It was made in France.

At 223 feet, the plane can fly up to 10,358 miles. This aircraft has the largest range of any commercial airliner until the Boeing 777-200LR starts operating.

9. Airbus A340-300

Passenger planes like the Airbus A340-300 are designed and manufactured in France. It was initially built in 1993 and has a capacity of 295 people in a one-class configuration and 267 passengers in a two-class configuration.

By the end of May 2020, there will be only 35 Airbus A340 operators left. Lufthansa (LHAB) (LHA) is the largest operator of the A340 fleet. The second largest airline, Iberia, announced the retirement of 15 of its aircraft in June 2020. These aircraft had to retire due to their inadequacy and excessive cost.

10. Airbus A330-300

The airline can carry a population of 393 passengers. Of these, 296 are available in the main cabin, and 46 are convenient in the Delta Comfort cabin. And the remaining 34 are housed in Delta One cabins. The Airbus A333-300 also has important features like Wi-Fi, USB ports, in-seat power outlets, satellite TV, personal video and a flatbed.

These are the top 10 largest passenger planes in the world currently in operation. Tell us, how many of these have you traveled.

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