Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow to make a comeback with a unique and bigger transformations.

Aliens and time loops and combat and repeating death is just what made this piece of cinema amazing. Edge of tomorrow is a Tom Cruise film making it a natural epic and different than the mainstream storylines.

The movie revolves around the life of a military man who is sent on a suicide mission against the aliens who invade earth and are hellbent on crushing it but due to his lack of calibur and skills he dies within minutes only to wake and find him stuck on the same day of the combat fighting the same battle over and over and dying over and over. The only silver lining to it was that his skills got stronger everytime he lost and he and his partner got closer and closer to defeating the aliens.

The script, direction, acting and the overall making and look of the film was very appreciated and loved across globe. The sequel of the movie seems to be of the similar base with a on repeat time loop and never ending battle and one man fighting the same over and over again. Although the hype of the movie maybe lost for a sequel launch given that it has been delayed in its release since 2018 but ever sice 2019 things have improved but again the making hit a snag in 2020 because of the pandemic breakout and there is still no clarity on the exact date of the release. Liman confirmed in October 2019 that “the script is ready”, adding that he hoped the sequel would film after Tom Cruise has finished working on Mission: Impossible 7 and 8.

Liman is so enthused about the sequel saying that it maybe having th same story idea but will be a bigger blast and much better than the original something very unexpected and unique. Although there are chances that Cruise and Blunt wont be appearing for the sequel unless they like the script which is also anticipated cannot be expected of much different than the previous one with Liman as the writer. Sadly, Bill Paxton passed away in 2017, so it remains to be seen if the sequel will recast his character, Master Sergeant Farell. Given the time loop ending of the first movie, any of the original characters could come back, whatever happened to them in the first movie.

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