The Rookie Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

The Rookie Season 3 is the most anticipated season of the ABC Police Procedural series. The last episode of The Rookie Season 2 was dropped on May 10, 2020, and since then we have been waiting for the third season.

The Rookie Season 3: Release Date

The Rookie Season 3

We know that the ABC series has earned very warm responses worldwide due to its amazing storyline and phenomenal execution by the actors. The previous seasons have really built hype for the upcoming season. And has left the audience waiting for The Rookie Season 3.

It was announced way back in May 2020 that the series will come back with a new season. But things were completely uncertain because the production work had to be stopped due to the pandemic shutdowns.

The Rookie Season 3

And we had no idea about when will our favourite series came back on ABC Network. But fortunately, things started getting back to normal and with that, the makers decided to resume the shoots. With the complete efforts of the entire cast and crew of The Rookie franchise, the filming was completed successfully.

And now we have a confirmed release date as well. So mark your calendars because the first episode of The Rookie Season 3 is coming on ABC Network on January 3, 2021!

The Rookie Season 3: Plot

The plotline of the series has to be credited for its massive success. Because the audience absolutely loves to witness the protagonist John Dolan’s journey as a Rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department.

The previous seasons gave us a glimpse of John’s struggles to living his dream of joining the police department. And it was not a bed of roses for him. Even after getting into a department, he has been a Rookie or under training for three years. But now as he has undergone his complete training it is time for him to prove himself in the department.

But it is not easy for him because he has many rivals and haters in the department who wants to get him terminated at any cost. And his arch-rival has to be Neil who has already laid the bait for him.

The Rookie Season 3

So The Rookie Season 3 will be all about Dolan convincing the authorities that he has been falsely framed by Neil. We will finally get to know if John will be able to save his job or will Neil succeed in his diabolical plans.

We hope to get a clear answer to all our queries in the upcoming season.

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