The Pentaverate – release date, cast and many more

Mike Myers has been pretty unobtrusive lately, but  Austin Powers and Wayne’s World stars are ready to return with great success following the arrival of the Pentaverate. 

Created and co-authored by Myers, who also starred, the six-part Netflix exclusive series is inspired by the 1993 romantic black comedy. That’s why I got married to Anti. One of the characters drawn by Myers fell in love. 

A photo of a woman working in a local butcher-sounds harmless except that she could be a serial killer.  Those  familiar with So I Married a Ax Murderer will remember the tabloid Weekly World News  traded in conspiracy theories. 

The Pentaverate

The Pentaverate Netflix series is inspired by this and revolves around a secret society called The Pentaverate, which has dominated world affairs since 1347. But  Canadian journalists have revealed his secrets and threatened to save the world from his hands.

 On March 16, 2022, Netflix announced that the  first season of the six-part Pentavelato starring Mike Myers will be released on Thursday, May 5. The episode will air at 12:00 pm (PT), or 3:00 am (ET).

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