The Harder They Fall 2 release date updates, cast, synopsis

The Harder They Fall Premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, November 3 and was an instant hit with Netflix users. With its sleek description and stellar cast, it’s not surprising that many are wondering if a sequel might be in the works.

The new Western, directed by James Samuel and starring Idris Alba, Jonathan Majors, Regina King, Zazi Beatz, Lecith Stanfield and Daniel Deadweiler, produced by Jay-Z, was definitely worth the wait, and fans were overwhelmed by the cowboys. No. Flick with a lot of people interested in Netflix Give them a sequel.

So, have The Hard They Fall 2 Confirmed? Which cast member will return? We’ve got all the answers to your burning questions and more, below! But scroll with caution, there are some spoilers ahead.

The Hard They Fall 2

The Harder the Fall (C: LR): Regina King as Trudeau Smith, Zazi Beatz as Mary Fields. CR: David Lee / Netflix © 2021

There will be one The Hard They Fall 2?

At the moment, The Hard They Fall 2 It has not been given the green light by Netflix, but just a few days after its world release, we are not worried. It usually takes a while for Netflix to analyze its overall response before making a decision about the future of the movie, but Social media feedback from fans The first film and the director, 42-year-old James Samuel, told Esquire, “We’re very confident it’s going to be a sequel.” The 42-year-old director revealed to the release that he already plans to return to “Cowboy Cinematic Universe” and when asked if the film’s ending leaves things open for the sequel, the director replied:

“Wide open. Wide, wide, wide open. I’m going back to doing multiple films in what I call CCU: Cowboy Cinematic Universe. For me, the better thing than Trudy Smith is Trudy Smith, you know what I mean. I will always dive back into the Old West. ”

What happened at the end of The Harder the Fall?

By the end of The Harder They Fall Very few deaths occur. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s best to stop reading now, and come back to you once.

Near the end of the movie, Nate (Jonathan Majors) finds his rival Rufus (Idris Elba) to kill him. Where he finds out the shocking truth that his rival has been his brother, but despite knowing that, an explosion of bullets hit his body in return for all the damage done to the net.

While the scene depicting Net Love’s tomb may be a little confusing, as he lives and is well, for Cowboy it was a perfect way to avoid being caught by the law after becoming a wanted man, while his brother was also barreled.

Eventually, as the Nets and gangs parted and got on their horses for new adventures, it turned out that potential new rivals were acting at the time of their departure, preparing for a possible sequel.

The Harder They Fall 2 cast

While the sequel has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, if Western gets the green light, chances are we’ll see some cast. The Harder They Fall Return to their roles. There are some artists who are likely to return; Jonathan Majors as Net Love – or perhaps under a new name because he is officially believed to have died – as Zazi Beatz as Stagecoach Mary and Regina King as Trudy Smith. The door is also open for Dalroy Lindo’s Bass Reeves and Daniel Deadwiller to return as members of the legislature for coffee.

The Harder They Fall 2 Summary

At the moment, there is no official summary for the sequel, but stay tuned for more updates on Western.

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