The Great Season 2: What We Know So Far!!

The Great season 2 is highly anticipated owing to the success of the first season. The season 1 of the series premiered in May 2020 on Hulu. Now we are eagerly waiting for the next season to hit the screens.

The Great Season 2: By When Can We Expect The Upcoming Season?

The Great Season 2

Owing to the amazing response from the audience and critics Hulu renewed the series just a month after the premiere of the first season. And it was obvious that the plot of the series demanded one more season. Because the previous season left us hanging with several questions. And did not come with a satisfying conclusion thus keeping a room for another season.

Moreover, there are also speculations that the series will have multiple seasons before it comes to an end. Even the executive producer of the series had claimed once in an interview that they were planning for the series to have 6 seasons.

So if this is true then we can expect some more seasons to hit the screens. As for the release date, nothing can be said as of now. Because even in case of the premiere of the first season we witnessed a 15-month delay. Actually, The Great Season 1 was supposed to release in February 2019 but due to some issues, it finally arrived in May 2020.

And this time the ongoing pandemic is going to play a big role in deciding the release date of the series. Because of the safety protocols, the shooting was delayed for months. And the makers are planning to resume the shoot by the end of 2020. Therefore we can expect the upcoming season to be dropped by the end of 2021.

What Will It Have In Store For Us?

Well, the historical period drama series revolves around the life of Catherine the Great, Empress of All Russian in the 18th century. It is the story of how Catherine who is a commoner ends up becoming the empress of Russia.

The Great Season 2

The series portrays her journey in a very comic and satirical way. In the previous season, we saw that Catherine had plotted the murder of her husband Peter. But we were left with questions like did she actually succeed in killing him or he sensed his plans. In the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see if Peters survives her assassination plan or not.

As for the cast member we can expect all the actors playing pivotal roles to return. Cast members like Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Pheobe Fox, Sacha Dhawan, just to name a few will be seen in the upcoming season. There might be some additional characters who are yet to be named by the makers.

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