The government adamancy costs 41 farmers their lives over farm laws.

Industrialists, businessmen, exporter, importers and other high profile people are not the most important people of group of people in a county but the farmers because they provide us the food we eat. It is what is the most important at all costs to protect them and their honour and dignity and it should be the governments foremost priority to find solution to their problems first.

Every year many farmers commit suicide due to bad crop or no earning or no rain or depression but this year there was another reason behind them dying and suffering. The 3 farm laws that were passed in the parliament for their betterment and better life conditions but instead they tuned out to be their foe. The famers have been protesting for their rights and MSP and other provisions basically against the farm law for quite some time now in the capital. They blocked roads but made sure that no inconvenience was caused from their end to the common public. It is their right to protest and fight for their right if they feel violated and cheated and they feel that their blood and sweat earned money is being taken away from them constitutionally and no one can deny them from practicing this right but the government instead of listening to them and helping them sprayed water cannons and threw tear gas balls at them injuring many.

The farmers stand for themselves and for their community and in order to respect them they paid homage to all those who lost their lives during this protest, there were also processions taken out by those in Nirangari Samagam ground in Burari to pay their tribute, this was not limited to jut Delhi but beyond.

On Sunday they paid tributes to 41 farmers who lost their lives ever since the protests deepened and the center paid no head to it. TOP free slots by provider Aristocrat is here play demo Aristocrat’s game for fun no download. We will continue to pay them tributes by organising these programmes in 15 districts of Punjab till December 24,” said Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan, general secretary of BKU (Ugrahan). There were tribute programmes oganised in 98 villages of Punjab to hour the lost souls.

Holding the pictures of these people the farmers started trotting through lanes in their remembrance. So far there is no information as to how many died on the Morcha to Delhi but it is surely certain that there were not only male farmers that died or committed suicide but also females. These were mainly from the Malwa, Doaba, Majha belts. The first death took place on 18 September who committed suicide outside former CM Parkashi Singh Badal’s house. His body was cremated and the family was paid a compensation, his loan waived and a job was offered to a member of the family.

Although the families of some of these farmers have been paid a compensation price but it is certain that none of them can see the plight of the community and just have lost the will to live and the country should be ready to face a grave crisis probably even food shortage.

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