“The Family Man” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

If you are a fan of Indian web series, I bet you have not missed “The Family Man.” Because it is one of the most amazing series by the Amazon Prime.

“The Family Man” Season 2: Release Date

"The Family Man"

This series has won the hearts of both the Indian and international audience because entertainment does not understand the boundaries of language or nationality.

After the release of its first season, we understood that this series is here to stay and win hearts. We know that the makers were truly overwhelmed by the kind of response “The Family Man” Season 1 got and thus immediately renewed the series within a few months.

"The Family Man"

After the renewal, we started getting anxious about the release date of the second season. We know that the production of the second season was not at all easy. As it faced multiple delays due to the coronavirus lockdowns. But in the end, everything was managed well and hence Amazon Prime has announced the final release date.

So folks! The second season of your favourite Hindi web series will be streaming from June 4, 2021.

“The Family Man” Season 2: Plot

What makes a series worth watching is its basic content that includes the storyline and its execution. And this series undoubtedly has both. From emotions to drama to action, we saw a blend of everything in the first season of this action thriller.

And we are waiting for more in the upcoming season. As we know that the story is about Srikant Tiwary who is basically an agent who can do anything for his country.

"The Family Man"

But his life is not easy because there are a lot of challenges he faces every day at work. Srikant fights those people who want to destroy the peace of his country. The first season left us amid a cliffhanger. Zulfikar the head of the terrorist group is trying to destroy Mumbai city by planning a gas leakage attack.

Now the upcoming season will show us if Srikant will be successful in saving Mumbai.

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