The Chosen One Season 3: What We Know So Far!!

The Chosen One Season 3 is eagerly awaited by the fans because the previous seasons were worth all the hype. Now the question lies here is that when are we getting another season of the Netflix series?

The Chosen One Season 3: When To Expect?

The Chosen One Season 3

The first season of the series premiered on June 2019 and the second season was released in December 2019. Since then we have been waiting for The Chosen One Season 3.

But as of now, Netflix has not announced anything about the renewal of the series. There are speculations that the upcoming season is getting delayed due to the ongoing pandemic situation. If sources are to be believed then Netflix is considering the renewal of the series. And the reason is that the second season did not have a satisfactory end.

The Chosen One Season 3

Hence there is more to be expected before the series marks its end. We can assume that The Chosen One Season 3 is definitely on the cards and we might get an official announcement soon. 

The Chosen One Season 3: What To Expect?

This Netflix series revolves around three doctors Lucia, Damiao and Enzo who come together to fight the Zika virus together. But their lives take a turn when they go to a remote place called Pantanal to vaccinate the people.

The residents of this place are largely affected by the virus and these three doctors are in their quest to help them. But everything changes when they are trapped in Pantanal. They discover that the village is not as simple as it looks like. With time they discover evil secrets of the village.

The Chosen One Season 3

Then they encounter a faith healer who heals people with his supernatural power. But he has evil intentions instead. The healer manipulates the villages against the doctors and asks them not to take any vaccination. Things get tough for Lucia and her team because the villagers prefer to die rather than opposing their leader.

In the previous season, we saw how Lucia makes a pack with the cult i.e The Chosen one. So in The Chosen One Season 3, we can witness some really nail-biting moments. It will be interesting to know if the villagers actually agree to take the vaccinations or not. Also, we can find out if these three young doctors can actually get out of the village safe and sound.

In a word The Chose One Season, 3 is going to be full of revelation and thrills and it will also unfold a lot of secrets about Pantanal and its people.

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