“The Boys” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Much More

We all have been eagerly anticipating “The Boys” Season 3. The previous seasons of this Amazon Prime series were a massive success and hence the third season is highly awaited.

“The Boys” Season 3: Release Date

"The Boys" Season 3

The Amazon Prime announced the renewal of the series before the premiere of “The Boys” Season 2 in September 2020. And since then we have been eagerly waiting for the makers to announce an official release date for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately as of now, we don’t have a confirmed release date for third season of the series. Because the filming of the series has been massively delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. As per the showrunner Eric Kripke, the filming of the upcoming season was scheduled in mid-2020 but the plan had to be dropped due to the pandemic crisis.

"The Boys" Season 3

So now they are planning to begin filming the upcoming season by early 2021. Therefore if the filming starts as planned we can expect the upcoming season to hit the screens by early 2022.

Although these are mere predictions we need to wait for Amazon Prime to come up with the final release date of the upcoming season.

“The Boys” Season 3: Plot

The Amazon Prime series centres around two groups with members possessing supernatural powers. But the twist is that both the groups are way too different from each other. One group aims to serve mankind whereas the other group aims to make mankind serve them.

So the first group ‘the sevens’ misuse their superpowers to get hold of high positions in the society whereas the second group i.e ‘the boys’ are determined to fight evil prevailing in the society. The Boys are against corruption, crime and all other mishappenings whereas the sevens glorify everything.

"The Boys" Season 3

Throughout the previous seasons, we saw how the boys and the sevens cannot stand each other and are always in a quest to defeat each other. In The Boys Season 3, we can see more of the rivalry between the two groups.

The biggest revelation we can expect in the upcoming season is about Neuman. We know that she is a well-known congresswoman and Hugie has joined her. But she is hiding her real identity and her superpowers from the world. So in The Boys Season 3, we can expect the truth to be uncovered.

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