Telangana Congress Chief Submits His Resignation After GHMC Elections

N Uttam Kumar Reddy, the congress Chief of Telangana has recently resigned from his post. This news came after the results of the GHMC elections were announced.

Telangana Congress Chief Submits Resignation


The congress chief of Telangana recently submitted his resignation after the municipal elections. His decision came after the Congress party managed to win only two seats out of 150 total seats in the election.

The poor performance of his party led to his resignation. In the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Election the ruling party i.e Telangana Rashtra Samithi has got the highest number of seats. It gained a massive victory by winning 56 seats.


And then comes the Bharatiya Janata Party which won 48 seats. This was followed by the AIMIM which got 44 seats. This clearly shows that the Congress party has shown a disastrous performance in the election.

The Party Needs A New Chief Soon Says Reddy

The former Telenagana congress chief has released a statement post his resignation. He said that the party needs to appoint a strong chief at the earliest. Because only a good leader can improve the party’s performance.


Moreover Reddy also refused to comment on the claim that he resigned because of his party’s poor performance. Because he said that he has submitted his resignation even before the poll results were out. As he felt that this was the right time for him to leave this position.

The congress party of Telangana has not been performing quite well under Reddy’s leadership since 2016. And maybe a change was the primary need of the hour.

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