Taliban attacked Afghanistan in the midst of peace talks

A militant rocket fire in Northern Afghanistan caused the death of a minimum of four civilians on Thursday, as informed by the country’s Defence Ministry.

The Taliban was blamed for the attack, as per the statement by the ministry. As per the report, the fire wounded 14 other innocents and damaged numerous houses in the vicinity of the Sharin Tagab district of Faryab province. No responsibility for the attack has been claimed yet.

The latest surge in violence and aggression all over the country has arisen due to the Afghan government officials being in discussions with the Taliban in Qatar, where the latter have their political office for the past few years. The negotiations have been predicted under a US deal signed with the rebels in February, and is indicated to put an end to the Afghanistan’s ardous war for the past 19 years.

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An assurance has been given by the Trump administration to disengage American forces from Afghanistan, although, the US officials have emphasised that the Taliban have not obliged to the requirements to decrease violence against Afghans which was a central aspect of the US plan of withdrawal.

Two residents and three police officials died on Wednesday in Helmand as their vehicle struck a bomb on the roadside in the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah, as informed by the governor’s official Omer Zwak.

Taliban’s airstrike

In another place, the ministry of Defence has asserted that 12 Taliban guerrillas have been killed in a strike in northern Takhar province, which was steered by Afghan warplanes on the afternoon of Wednesday.

On the other hand, local officials claimed that those 12 people were innocent civilians and that a mosque was the aim of the airstrike. The officials were not permitted to speak to the reporters and hence, conditioned to speak on anonymity. They also conveyed that 16 other people were injured.

The Ministry of Defense asserted that it was examining the accusations of civilian deaths in the airstrike.

36 Afghan police officials dies in an ambuscade by the Taliban on Tuesday in northern region of the country which has been deemed as the most lethal attack since the talks have been commenced.

A suicide car bombing caused the death of a minimum of 13 people and injured about 120 more on Sunday. The Taliban have been apprehended for the bombarding even though no one has claimed accountability.

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