Swiss gives green signal to tobacco ad ban long after neighbours

A prohibition on tobacco advertising in places where young people could see it has been approved by Swiss voters. In fact, a Yes vote in the national referendum will result in an outright prohibition.

Switzerland will now be in step with its European neighbours, the majority of whom have long had tough cigarette advertising regulations.

Despite its reputation as a healthy, ecologically conscious country, Switzerland has the most liberal tobacco laws in Europe.

The Swiss continued to smoke in bars and restaurants even after it has become illegal in the UK, France, and Germany.


Smiley young ladies would approach supermarket consumers on a daily basis, offering free samples of the latest cigarette brand. While those practices were outlawed a few years ago, cigarette promotion continued.

Flavia Wasserfallen, a Social Democrat member of parliament, praised the physicians’ and teachers’ organisations for their efforts in pushing for the ban.

“People worked quite hard to create policy that prioritises young people,” she told Swiss television.

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