Supreme court to set up committee to talk negotiations with the farmers.

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the country this year with the many protests, virus, deaths, economy crashing, almost war hysteria and much more.

But one thing that is taking up the headlines every day is the farmers’ protests in the nation’s capital over the farm laws that were passe by the government under the discretion that they will uplift the farers out of their misery an solve their financial issues. Subsequently, the farmers’ di not take it well and started to protest to revoke the laws altogether and did not settle even for changing them but revoking altogether. Concerned with what may turn up to be a global problem and cause more trouble for the public the Supreme court on 16th December spoke that it intended to create a committee to listen to the farmers demand and settle the issue once and for all so that there is no more public uprising and disruptions in the capial city no more.

 A Bench of Chief Justice SA Bobde and Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian had petitions submitted to them asking the authorities to remove the farmers protesting and blocking the highways to the NCR region. The committee that is to be set up will consist of representatives from all groups of the parties involve, the farmers unions, the government and others so that no points of interest are missed out. The petition submitted also cited the judgment that the court gave during the Shaheen Bagh incident that no roads will be blocked during the protests of what sort may be.

The issue is almost on the verge of becoming a national issue an given the current government the negotiations are not going to be that easy and soon to get completed. Nothing that the government has tried has worked till now with the farmers which shows that there has to some serious measures taken for holding negotiations or event o get the farmers to talk to the government.

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