Spider-Man: No Way Home Interview Could Confirm The Return Of Two Legacy Characters

Spider-Man is not the way home

Fans of Spider-Man are excited today with the news from Empire Magazine which is a new look Spider-Man: No Way Home Is coming. While they are still eagerly awaiting the new trailer, Empire is releasing a Spider-Man issue tomorrow that offers everything from interviews to the image of Spiders.

While Empire’s Spidey issue won’t be available until tomorrow, some images of what Spider-Man-centric pages will feature have been circulating online. Some, in particular, seem to think that fans are thinking that a certain lizard is entering inside. No way home.

Slashfilm shared this snippet from the Empire issue that will hit the shelves tomorrow.

“Worlds that will include Rice Effons the Lizard, Sandman of Thomas Hayden Church and Jamie Fox’s Electro.”

Not everyone is sure that the tweet in which Slashfilm is sourcing is an official confirmation. Some fans say he just goes to back up the colliding part of the world Spider-Man: No Way Home Plot

Others say it’s a confirmation and they deserve to be excited about the news. No matter how much the article shares images and photos, we will know for sure with the release of the movie in December.

The news of Fox’s return of electro in a slashfilm article may not surprise the eagle-eyed Spider-Man Fans, however, may have read the THR news that was posted earlier this month.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Will be released in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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