South Park Season 24 Episode 2 And 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

The first episode of South Park Season 24 was released on September 30, 2020. Since then the upcoming episodes on the season is eagerly awaited. But when are they releasing?

South Park Season 24 Episode 2 And 3: Release Date

South Park Season 24

After the release of the pandemic special episode or the first episode of South Park Season 24, we all are waiting for the next episodes. We know that the animation series has been renewed for another two seasons, therefore, the next episodes of South Park Season 24 are inevitable.

But sadly we don’t have any official release dates for the upcoming episodes. We know that the pandemic crisis has resulted in a massive delay in the production of several entertainment shows and movies including South Park.

South Park Season 24

Thus the release of the upcoming episodes is facing a severe delay. The makers had already announced that they made the pandemic special episode to deliver something special for the audience amid the crisis.

Thus it was also revealed that the rest of the episodes are being processed and most probably the second episode will be dropped by early 2021 followed by the other episodes.

South Park Season 24 Episode 2 And 3: Plot

The animation series has been entertaining us for decades now. The story, the characters and the execution of this animation series can be credited for its success.

With every passing season, we cannot get enough of the series. As the pandemic special episode suggested South Park Season 24 is expected to revolve around the issues happening this year including the coronavirus outbreak.

South Park Season 24

The pandemic special episode or South Park Season 24 Episode 1 showed us how the South Park residents are dealing with the pandemic crisis. We could literally relate to almost everything portrayed in the episode. Starting from the lockdown struggles to reopening of institutions amid the virus outbreak, the pandemic special episode showed it all.

So if the upcoming episodes of South Park Season 24 will continue from where the pandemic special episode ended we can expect to see more of the pandemic diaries of the South Park residents

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