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South Korean dairy giant says sorry for putting a controversial advertisement

South Korean dairy giant says sorry

South Korean dairy giant was insisted to say sorry publicly for publishing an advertisement where the woman was shown as a cow. The video was made by  Seoul Milk depicts a man secretly filming a group of women in a field, who later on transforms into cows.

The advertisement was criticized over the social media site by various people and later on, it was removed from the youtube channel. Within a few moments, the video went viral as people started sharing it. 

Few users commented that the behavior of that man was like “Molka”, and also it was illegal to capture someone secretly.

In an online apology, Seoul Milk’s parent firm, Seoul Dairy Cooperative, said, “We truly regret to everyone who felt uncomfortable with the milk commercial published on the 29th last month.”

South Korean dairy giant says sorry for putting a controversial advertisement 9

“We are taking this problem seriously and will undertake an internal investigation as well as take further precautions to avoid similar incidents in the future. We apologize and bow our heads “It was also added.

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