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South Korea is about to plan a floating city

South Korean city Busan has a green-lit plan for a new and authentic ocean settlement with work on the first neighbourhood ready to kick start by the upcoming year. It was also announced that there would be various interconnected platforms in the ‘floating city.

The floating city has the ability to accommodate around 10,000 people easily. The designers of the city in South Korea has mentioned that it offers the coastal area a drastic solution to the threat posed by rising sea levels.

In 2019, the Oceanic project, a partnership of designers, architects, and engineers, announced designs for a “flood-proof” city, and organisers have been seeking a place to build prototypes since then. Moreover, in the month of November, the team signed an agreement with UN-Habitat and Busan, the Urban Development agency and the United Nations in order to host and accommodate the first-ever floating neighbourhoods of South Korea’s coast.

The proposed platforms, which would be prefabricated in factories and then towed into location, will rise and fall with the tide. Each of the five-acre communities has been built to accommodate 300 people in seven-story towers.

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