Unidentified Shooter Kills 1 At Wisconsin Mall

The Fox River Mall at Northern Wisconsin recently witnessed a fatal shooting which claimed the life of one person.

One Dead In Wisconsin Mall Shooting


A person lost his life in a fatal shooting at the Fox River Mall at Grand Chute in Northern Wisconsin. The incident occurred at around 3.30 pm as an unidentified armed man entered the mall.

The gunshots he fired left one dead. And apart from that, another person was injured in the attack. This shooting has created havoc in the Wisconsin region.


The cops have still failed to identify the culprit and an investigating team has been appointed to nab the criminal as soon as possible. The injured victim is getting treated at the nearby hospital.

Culprit On The Loose

As per the Wisconsin Police Department no any eye witnesses were able to identify the shooter thus making it hard for them to nab him. The eyewitnesses at the mall includes the staff and the visitors who could only explain what exactly happened on that day.

Everyone was so terrified by the gunshots that no one could actually remember any specific details on the shooter. Although the investigating team is keenly observing the camera footages.


But the fact that the shooter is still roaming free has been raising concerns throughout because there are chances that he might actually initiate some more violent acts. Thus it is a big challenge for the concerned authorities to nab him as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the public.

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